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Once upon a dream...

Just take it one day at a time.

30 December 1988
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♥the names Amber.
♥i am 20 years young.
♥i've probably dealt with more struggles during my life than you had by this age.
♥my hair color changes alot.
♥i have blue eyes.
♥i have 12 piercings and 7 tattoos.
♥i learn something new everyday.
♥my emotions change alot.
♥i tend not to understand quite a few things.
♥i'm going to be a photographer.
♥i dance around alot.
♥my friends and family mean everything to me.
♥music is my world.
♥i make mistakes, but i'm still young so that's alright.
♥i talk alot.
♥i think lightning is beautiful.
♥i love being around people.
♥i'm an artist at heart.
♥hugs always make me feel 10 times better.
♥i love randomely doing things.
♥i love piercings and tattoos.
♥my passion in life is taking pictures.
♥one day i'll be famous; just wait and see.